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Blood MU Online Season 6 X50

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Welcome to the Blood MU Online Season 6 X50 HARDCORE server!
The server is based on the latest files with all the new game content.

Launch time:
May 14, 2021 at 20: 00 server time (UTC +3.00).
Or check the countdown timer on the website.

The server will be launched with a maximum capacity of 1000 players.

Basic information:
version: season 6+15
experience: x50 with dynamic reduction to x10, every 5 resets drops by 10%
Master experience: x10
GrandReset with 50 resets
maximum reset: 51
maximum GrandReset: 35
maximum number of stats: 65000
web store: Step-by-step (divided into 3 time blocks).
Getting WcoinC, will be both for the donation and calculated when you reach the GR
in the game CashShop (x): Yes, limited(without buffs on exp and pets).
Unique system of EXE/PVP/ANC / SOCET options, completely redesigned.
Stats for reset DW, SU: 1200/DK, FE, MG, RF: 1600/DL: 1600+400cmd(do not throw stats from commands)
Stats per gr-reset DW, SU: 12000/DK, FE, MG, RF: 16000/DL: 20000
The castle siege will take place on the 2nd week after the start. Next, as usual, in the SUN at 20-00 start.
A well-designed PvP system in which every class is important. Now it will affect the knowledge and ability to play for the character, rather than the server formula.
A lot of work has been done to bring the meaning of GamePlay to your favorite game, leveling and developing characters, crafting and getting things and items.
More information can be found in our Knowledge Base http://guides.blood-mu.ru

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