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19.05.21 at 20-00, the scheduled server stop will be made for updating.

The list is as follows:

Server files
Fixed stuck mobs
Added some improvements to the HP system.
Added protection against any cheating based on incorrect packets being sent to the game server. This may lead to reconnection.
Added a new character position interface
Fixed teleportation to a silent map

Game menu
made several improvements post_item made several improvements to the tooltips of the elements
Added information about monsters with settings (enable/disable)
Disabled the quest system monster kill message in the chat, added a special panel for it, and added the enable/disable feature in the game settings
Fixed a bug after resetting some anti-hacking updates
Added the function of changing the resolution\font size in the game
Recoded "Game Options" interface
Fixed the use of scrolling through the city portal in the duel arena
Fixed the flying dragon effect
Fixed 3D camera in the switch character

With Box of Heaven, stones will also fall (bless/soul/life/Harmony/guardian/rena)
Goblin point (Elbeland) the number of monsters changed to 20, the reward for them is now 5 WcoinC
And much more...

The work will take from 10 to 30 minutes.
Information about the start will be notified in the discord.

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